Autonomous Luggage Review – The Flier 2 & The Aluminum Carry-On

I am excited to take a few minutes and give you my personal review on The Flier 2 and The Aluminum Carry-On from Autonomous!

I have really been looking forward to receiving these luggage pieces because of their style and amazing price point. I was just curious to see if the quality would hold up! Too good to be true to hit all three of those points, right?? Turns out it’s not too good to be true, I love this luggage!

The style in person is every bit as classy as advertised. The matte navy color of The Flier 2 is one of my favorites I have ever had, with a type of effortless style. While The Aluminum Carry-On is sophistication personified.

The price point on these two pieces is amazing! I choose The Flier 2 – 24″ Check-In Size on sale for only $119 and The Aluminum Carry-On on sale for only $199, planning to use them both together as a set. At that price point my biggest concern as I already mentioned was their quality. I have been totally surprised by their level of quality! Here’s a quick break down of each piece.

The Flier 2 Check-In Medium 24″ Navy

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This piece has three favorite points for me. The first being size and weight. We all need a great check-In size bag for those longer trips, but I hate dragging heavy and bulky bags through the airport. Especially when you run into the inevitable stair case. The Flier 2 is incredibly light weight while still being large enough to fit everything I need!

The Flier 2 by Autonomous

The second thing was it’s storage! I have become a total believer in hard shell suitcases because the advantage of them being waterproof, but I have run into a lot of hard shell suitcases with only one middle divided and no pockets. The Flier 2 has multiple storage compartments and comes with it’s own odor absorbent, eco-friendly laundry bag which eliminates the need for multiple single-use plastic carriers.

The third thing that really impressed me with this bag is it’s durability. I have had a ton of issues in the past with wheels on luggage being flimsy and breaking after only 1-2 trips through a rough airport. The wheels on The Flier 2 are heavy duty and built to last. The body is also very durable, its shell is engineered from a clever thermoplastic polymer, commonly used in quality helmets.

The Aluminum Carry-On

This bag is a masterpiece! Hand-crafted from aviation grade aluminum-alloy it is perfect for personal travel but also next level style for professional business trips. The style of this bag alone wins me over but the features are also incredible.

Autonomous Aluminum Carry-On

Double Security, The Aluminum Carry-On features 2 combination latch locks with individually set passcodes, which means twice the security.

Aluminum Carry-On from Autonomous

The inside features an adjustable, removable mesh partition, which I especially like for the carry-on size, depending on my trip I carry all different types of things in my carry-on and this gives a lot of flexibility. It also has pockets, which can be used to separate clothing or even paperwork for business.

Autonomous Luggage

Probably the most fun feature of this bag is it’s clever exterior strap! Which can be used to keep your headphones always within easy reach or a smaller bag attached while you stroll the airport.

To wrap up this review, I have only been impressed with my Autonomous experience! Both of these luggage pieces are an excellent choice if you are looking for high class style and durability in your luggage, and don’t forget to use my code at check-out SETH15, to receive $15 off your order!