Spring Has Sprung

Here’s a quick article I wrote for the Nifty Report Vol. 11, the photo above is apart of their collection, click here to read the entire issue is top notch!

Is it already March?! With Spring just a few weeks away it’s not too soon to start planning your wardrobe and collecting any pieces you would like to have that you don’t own yet. Here’s a little preview of what trends I think are on the must have list to add that extra flair to your outfit and set you apart from the crowd this year.

Unique Patterned Shirts
Nothing like an awesome pattern to express your sense of style! Patterned shirts are going to be a big trend this year, especially floral and throw back to old school Hawiian styles. Even a subtle pattern can up your outfit game.

They may not be for everyone, but they add an extra layer of style to your look. Go for a classic fedora or your favorite flat bill baseball cap.

Vintage Sneakers
Always a must have! Think your favorite colors, and then look for a sneaker that showcases them.

Denim Jacket
A classic piece that will add another level of style and is the best in-between seasons layer.

Colored Suits
Going dapper for an event? Think colored suits this year! Don’t feel like flashy colors are your thing? You can still enjoy this trend by going for an olive, camel or muted burgundy suit.

Most of all the theme for this Spring is creativity, aim to let your own unique style and flair shine through in your wardrobe this season! Click here to visit our Spring Shop!


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