Vastros Review – Limited Edition Designer Shirts

Blog reviews are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to work on. Why you might ask? It gives me the opportunity to introduce you to high quality, awesome brands you might not know about otherwise and give you the run down of what makes them incredible and sets them apart from the other millions of options out there.

Todays review is exactly that! A clothing brand which is set on rising above the boring status quo.

Vastros is a  San Francisco based studio, focused on crafting accessible style upgrades for every man. Their website says it best, “The days of the grey suit might be over, but office uniforms are still here. From t-shirts to oxfords, the new lax dress code has pushed men to the middle. Unsure of how to dress or develop their own style, they reach a safe stale shirt at the department store”. I could not agree more.

The first thing I love about this brand are their patterns! I mentioned in an article I wrote a few weeks back that patterned shirts are going to be huge this year for showing your own flair and personality in your wardrobe. This can be an overwhelming thought if you aren’t given a good selection to choose from.  Vastros pattern selection is top notch! From subtle to bold, their contrast collars, alternate stitching, and unique palette will elevate your shirt game. Choosing which shirt I would order was actually a really fun experience! I choose the Light House shirt, the subtle pattern and impeccable details were a perfect fit for me!

The second thing I love is the quality of their fabric, each run of fabric is limited edition, hand-selected by designers from artisans in little corners of the world. This truly stands out when wearing their shirts. Being stylish and comfortable is a big deal to me, and their fabrics are high quality and soft.

If you want to stand out in a crowd as having excellent style, you have to check Vastros out! Click below to see their selections!


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