Build Direct Flooring & Home Demo Day

I am so excited to share with you guys a new project my wife and I are working on! Maybe after you hear our story, you can send us some helpful tips or we can encourage you to take on a project of your own!

A few years ago we invested in our first home. It was a solid house that had been well built but was in foreclosure, which meant a great price for us but it needed a ton of updating! We have worked on several smaller projects over that time, as well as replacing all of the windows in the house. This year we have decided to take on some of the big renovations and are excited to take you along for the process! First priorities, especially in my wife’s opinion, haha, was tearing out all of the original flooring, a mixture of 80’s style emerald green tile, carpets and a random linoleum wood in my office. Also, we wanted to paint our walls throughout the house white, install new wider baseboards, and replace the outdated light fixtures which we feel will really update the space and make it look more modern.

Before we got started with demolition, we wanted to make sure we had selected a new flooring that we felt confident would give the end result we were aiming for. We did a lot of research in this area, comparing local companies to online companies. Being our first home, we were on a pretty tight budget and wanted to make sure our dollar would go as far as it could without sacrificing on quality or style.

We discovered Build Direct while searching online and were blown away by their prices, amazing reviews and their huge selection. Honestly in comparison, no one else came close. Then we headed over to their Instagram, of course and loved everything we saw!

Build Direct Instagram

They also offer overnight free samples! This part was huge for us, especially since we are first timers in a project like this and wanted to look at a lot of different options before making our decision. We have two kids, so we needed to make sure something was durable and easy to clean before investing.

Here are just a few of the samples we had them send. Getting these samples for free in such a fast way, removed a ton of the stress involved with this project! Also, their prices are up to 50% off retail so it was fun to look through all the choices we could afford and select the perfect flooring for us, stay tuned for our pick…

Time for DEMO! To keep the cost down I decided to do the demo myself. Bring out the sledge hammer! We had to remove all the different floorings and also the baseboards. Here are a few shots of the process. This was no small task.

Sledging Tile
Sledging the tile out was probably the largest mess I have ever made. We bagged up at least 50 bags of broken tile.
Listen close, you can hear my wife’s joy at the end of the video, haha.
Kitchen Demo
Removing Bedroom Carpet
Ripping up the carpet in all of the bedrooms and living room. Having kids, we could not wait to get rid of this old carpet. Every parent knows what a hassle carpets are with all the messes kids make.
Removing Office Flooring
Surprisingly removing the wood in my office was by far the hardest! We spent one day trying to rip it out with hand tools before purchasing a small power tool from Lowes.
This tool definitely helped the process go more quickly!
The last step to prep the floors was grinding down all of the thinset left behind from the green tile.
Grinding Thinset

This demo project took us several weeks to accomplish but was totally worth it! It definitely felt rewarding and like a huge accomplishment. Stay tuned for the rest of this project! We are excited to share with you the Build Direct flooring we pick and how it all turns out.