Home Office Autonomous Review

Very excited to share some photos of the progress on my home office and the favorite Autonomous pieces we added to the space! It’s always fun to start a new room and think through your priorities/dream items you would love to have. For me functionality and style are huge for this space. I spend a lot of late nights in my office after the family has gone to bed. I wanted it to be a place I could really enjoy being and also be very practical for my work needs.

Smart Desk Home OfficeSmart Desk Home Office

My first priority was choosing a standing desk that could also move to the sitting position easily. Spending most of my day in front of a computer, it’s very important to have a desk that can move up and down giving me the ability to move around while I work and not always be sitting, which is huge for the health of my back!

I did my research in this area and by far found the Smart Desk Home Office by Autonomous to be my favorite! So much so that I am interested in having them added to my office at the company I work for also. I love the sleek and modern style of this desk and it’s quality is amazing for a price that is significantly lower than other desks that are similar. The control panel allows you to program specific heights and select them each time with the touch of a button! Honestly amazing! I have zero complaints and was so happy to add this piece to our home. It also comes in various sizes and colors, so you can choose the one that fits your room best.

Kinn Chair

Kinn Chair

Next up was choosing the right office chair. I love a chair with great style but because of the hours I spend working at the computer I also need a chair that is equally functional. This ergonomic Kinn Chair from Autonomous is fully adjustable for amazing comfort while also having amazing style. A mix of rubber and plastic allows this chair to move and flex with you. You can also adjust the seat and arm rest to give you the best sitting position. This chair also comes with optional mesh covers in different colors but I loved the style of the white and grey frame, it felt perfect for our home and we loved the modern feel it had.

We are truly excited to enjoy these pieces! Hope this was helpful in discovering some good options for your work space. The selection Autonomous offers is really incredible if you are in the market. I will give more updates on the home office as it evolves!