Home Flooring Renovation Reveal

Hard to believe we have finally reached the point of sharing our home renovation reveal and new flooring. We have spent this year working on demolition and preparation for these incredible new floors to be installed and then all of the detail work in installing baseboards and finishing painting! We are beyond excited to show them off to you and hopefully help give you some inspiration if you are interested in remodeling your own home. It honestly feels like we are coming home to a new house everyday! Definitely worth the hard work and investment.

If you missed the original blog post (click here to read), I will catch you up a bit. My wife and I have been busy working on remodeling our first home. A house we originally found in foreclosure that needed a ton of updating. One of the biggest issues were the inconsistent and extremely outdated flooring throughout the house. We were looking for something durable, affordable and that looked amazing to replace them with. We discovered BuildDirect Flooring and they have been the perfect match for us in all of those areas. Their customer service has been absolutely incredible, along with their amazing selection of flooring to choose from.

Build Direct Free Samples
Free Samples Delivered Overnight

After receiving a lot of different free samples from them. We decided to go with the Yellow Dahlia European Oak Engineered Hardwood. We both absolutely loved the natural wood look that brought a ton of light to our space, making it feel larger and giving it a modern and minimal feel! Also, they are amazingly easy to take care of and keep clean. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out! Our home feels so much larger with consistent floors throughout and all the light it brings. Take a look at some of our favorite before and after shots.

Build Direct Flooring
Living Room with incredible one-of-a-kind rug from Revival Rugs (similar). Originally this room had a mixture of old carpet and green tile. The transformation is crazy. One thing we were most excited to add after having the new floors were unique rugs throughout the house. This rug from Revival Rugs (similar) was the perfect fit for us to add color and unique style.
Build Direct Flooring
Kitchen & Dining, still some updating left to do in here but WOW what an improvement.
Build Direct Flooring
Dining space with handmade pendant from Reveal Home. Another thing we were excited to do was update lighting throughout the house. This handmade fixture from Greece added so much character to what was once a very outdated room. Definitely one of my wife’s favorite features in the home now.
Build Direct Flooring
The amount of light the floors and white walls have added is amazing! We also had to remove a random ceiling fan from this area, which really opened up the space.
Build Direct Flooring Renovation
Hall with new flooring and updated light fixtures.
Such an amazing change removing the green tile from the hallway!
Build Direct Flooring Entry
Entryway, this area felt totally unused before and now has so much potential.
Home Before & After
Master Bedroom, we have a lot to do in this room but we are beyond excited to get to work on adding things now that the space is so updated! Another amazing one-of-a-kind rug from Revival Rugs (similar) was the perfect piece to start with.
Smart Desk Hybrid Edition
My home office with Smart Desk 2 Home Office from Autonomous looks amazing on the new flooring!

I can’t say thank you enough to BuildDirect for these amazing floors! We would highly recommend them if you have an upcoming project or want to check out some new floors for your own home.

Thank you for taking the time to see everything! Let me know what you think of our progress and I will enjoy updating you as our home evolves and we complete more projects.